Sunday, 6 May 2018

Thinking about Compliments

After our discussion around emotions, we decided to get our thinking caps on around compliments.

So, what is a compliment?

Ieni - It's something nice you would say to others to make them happy.
Levi - You can say I like your clothes or your glasses.
Nevaeh - I like how you’ve done your hair today.
Brady - Their accessories they’re wearing.
Riley - Lipstick.
Yoyo - Nice things you can say about people’s bodies and that.
Aria - I like how you’re showing kindness to other people
Jemma - I like your house
Adham - I like how you swim.
Josiah - Compliments mean say sorry and say thank you.

How does it make you feel when someone gives you a compliment?

Jyuvana  - Feels like they’ve made your day.
Nehemiah - Amazing.
Kaiya - Makes your happy bucket filled up.
Sonny - Proud.
Leonie - Grateful.
Blake - Great.
Josiah - Excited and happy.
Jaydi - Grateful and surprised.
Nevaeh - Thoughtful (the person who gave the compliment).
Aria - Leaving a big smile on your face.

We spent some time practising giving others compliments...

What were some compliments that others gave you?

Rocky said he likes how I am kind to people - Adham
Manaia said she loves the way I show caring on the outside and inside. - Jaydi
Adham filled up my bucket by saying i like how you let people join in what you’re saying. - Rocky
Alex said he liked my shoes - Blake
Kaiya said to me and Ocie that she liked our hair - Nevaeh

We discovered that some of us found this task easy and others found it tricky...
I wonder why some people found it easy?

I had people that listened to me and I got ideas from other people. - Devyn
I just looked at them and found out what I should say to them. - Anarah
Compliments are just so nice, I just can’t stop saying them! - Jaydi

Why did some people find it tricky?

Yohannas - Cos like you can’t think of anything about them like what they’re good at and stuff.
Adham - I was so busy listening to them and lost my idea.
Riley - Maybe you’re tired.
Jem - You might not know much about them.

Next we had a game of compliments tag in the sunshine. In order to be freed when you have been tagged, a buddy has to come and give you a compliment. Once you have thanked and high-fived the compliment giver, you are back in the game!

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