Saturday, 10 February 2018

Back in the Garden!

So this week we popped back in to the garden to see what we had missed. We were amazed to see the way things had grown (weeds included!)

We noticed a lot of things were reading to be picked, so pick away we did!

We collected corn, broccoli, sliver beet, kale, courgettes and spied some pumpkins growing on the vine! 

The next morning we set to work cleaning and slicing up these beautiful vegetables to make a stir fry! 

The verdict? Delicious!! 

The New Pītau 1

Although we've only been back at school for just over a week we have managed to pack a lot in already! 

As we have moved into a new room this year we first had to spend some time becoming familiar with our new environment. We completed a scavenger hunt to find out where everything was, and learn a little about our new learning spaces. 

Next we began the planning stages of our self portraits which we are hoping to make out of clay and fire them in the kiln. We used mirrors and photos our ourselves and tried to draw accurate sketches. 

We watched a video about revisiting and improving on sketches. So we made multiple attempts to improve on our sketches. 

The video also discussed how peer feedback can help you improve on your work. We got into pairs and gave constructive feedback to our buddies. 

We also created some art around something we had done in the holidays. We shared our work with the group using visual talking prompts. Some of us then constructed some writing about these which you can find on seesaw. 

Keep checking back to find out more about Pītau 1's learning!