Saturday, 26 May 2018

I am a leader of myself!

This week in Kiwi Can we have been thinking about particular how we can be leaders of ourselves.

We played a great warm up game that everyone enjoyed.  In small groups of 3 we counted to 3, and either held out our hands palm up or palm down.
The rules were simple.  If everyone's palms were facing the same way, each member of the group performed 3 star jumps and played the game again.
If 1 person's palm was facing the opposite way, they went to give Nicky a High 5 and then joined a different group to play again.

The second game we played was 'Pass the whisper' where the object of the game was to see if the correct phrase could be passed around the circle and back to the start again.

We were practising:

* Making sure everyone is included and supported to continue
* Encouraging others when they try hard
* Being a good role model
* Showing a good example to others

We are looking forward to using the same language within the classroom and celebrating those that show how they can be leaders of themselves!

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