Sunday, 6 May 2018

Group Roles and compliments

Following on from the thinking we have already done around compliments, Miss Gardner and Mrs Smith thought it would be a good idea if we worked in groups to write some compliments about our classmates.

In order to work co-operatively in groups, we were given role tags.  These included:

Group Leader
Time Keeper
Material Manager

We discussed in depth the meaning and what this might look like whilst we are working in a group.

Group Leader: Makes sure everyone is working hard, getting along in the group, and following classroom and project rules.
Time Keeper: Reminds the group of how much time is left in the projects and that there is no time to play.
Encourager: Group Cheerleader. Tells the group they can do it even if the group thinks the project is too hard.
Scribe: Writes everything down for the group. Records all data.
Materials Manager: Gets all materials. The only person allowed to leave the groups work area to get materials, returns extra materials, or throw away any trash. 

Pītau 1 then organised themselves into groups of 5 and we each took on a group role.
Using the photographs of tamariki from another group, we went off and began brainstorming 4 compliments that we could give each person in our class.

Where to next:

Who found their role easy/hard?  Why?
What worked/didn't work well?
How will we share the compliments we have written about each person?
Could we improve on them and make them more specific/personal?

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